BAGGU Small Reusable Shopping Bag

I got this little bag as a part of a race day goody bag last summer, and I am so glad I did! I’m even more thankful that my sister suggested I bring it along on our world trip. Having done a trip like this herself, she knew that tiny stowable bags are lifesavers. This bag folds up nicely into it’s own carrying sack and hangs out in the bottom of my backpack most days. But anytime we go grocery shopping, it gets pulled out to tote food. It also has come in handy for dirty clothes, extra shoes, day trips to the beach, and more. We found it so invaluable that we ended up buying another in Asia!

I know this bag will continue to get lots of use after we settle down some place as well. Did you know that scientists estimate that plastic grocery bags take anywhere from 20-1,000 years to degrade? Any little bit we can do to keep our planet healthy and clean is worth the extra effort!

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The ultimate carry-all, this little bag is perfect for anything from groceries to a sack lunch.

Handles allow for hand holding or over the shoulder toting.

Can hold up to 50 lbs.

100% Ripstop Nylon

Machine Wash Cold and Line Dry.