Quick Guide: Amed, Bali

As always, our quick guide to Amed, Bali is listed at the bottom of the post, with recommendations on where to eat, stay, shop, and play. 

When we picture Bali now, Amed is the place that comes to mind. Secluded, sunny, and plenty of ocean views. This was our third stop in Bali and by far the best. We stayed here a short three days and can’t wait til the day we return! Our activity level would rise and fall with the sun each day, we spent long hours out on the motorbike exploring, and we even spent an afternoon chasing fish and marveling at a sunken ship just a few meters off the coastline.

One of the best things about our stay in Amed was the tranquility and beauty of our small resort. We’d just picked it on a whim, but we felt so lucky when we arrived. Although not right on the ocean, you can catch fantastic views from each of the small bungalows perched on the hill. We loved the thatched roofs and spacious balconies. And the two pools on site were perfect for cooling off without the hassle of getting down to the salty ocean.

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We also thoroughly enjoyed breakfast here. Although we didn’t have room service like our B&B in Ubud, it wasn’t hard to roll out of bed and pad our way over and up to a rooftop dining area one bungalow over. The meal options were your basic breakfast fare: eggs, toast, fruit, etc. But the fresh pressed juice– watermelon in particular– made being dragged out of bed by my husband well worth it. We even met a young family here one morning who had once lived just a few miles from our home in Anchorage! It’s always such a fun surprise to make connections with people while traveling!


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Upon our arrival, Amed seemed prohibitively spread out and secluded, but it didn’t take long to see that this was the secret to the area’s success. Besides being a somewhat off-season time to visit, we learned this part of the island is just generally quiet year-round, best for vacationers looking to spend their days out diving or exploring. We hardly saw a soul the whole time we were there.

We rented a motorbike for a couple days and cruised along the main “highway”, just checking out what life is like for the locals. The tropical, lush jungle reminded me of childhood trips to Peru, and I felt so at home.  Even though we had a scare once not being able to find an ATM or gas station, we wouldn’t change the remote nature of Amed even for all those common vacation luxuries.


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We spent another day out snorkeling, getting just a taste of what Bali has to offer under the water, just off their shore. We got tons of recommendations for diving certifications in Bali, but we decided before we went that we’d stick to snorkeling for our short trip. We knew we wouldn’t be spending enough time near the water during this trip to SE Asia, and we aren’t sure when we’ll return to good diving in the near future. But if you are at all interested, this would be a great place to learn!

Instead, we rented our snorkeling gear for about four dollars, and we spent an afternoon out floating among a rainbow of fishes and inspecting a sunken ship that was doing its best to reintegrate with the sea floor. I don’t have any photos to show from this beach, but it was also unbelievably quiet for all the treasures it had to offer. My one disappointment was the rocky beach– you know I love my sun bathing!– but that was a small price to pay. There are other Bali beaches for sandy lounging!

And I can’t neglect to mention that Tyler had one of his favorite meals of our trip here in Amed: green fish curry. I tasted a bit, and yes… it was incredible. As you can see from the photo, we had the place to ourselves with our early dinner hour, but the tables were packed by the time we slipped out. This was our last meal in Amed, and a perfect way to end our idyllic stay.


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This place is super highly rated on tripadvisor, which is what took us here for dinner in the first place. We were not disappointed! We both had curries and they were packed with flavor. I was thankful to find that when I ordered mine as less spicy, it really was mild without being bland. Overall, a must restaurant for your visit to Amed!

Warung Celagi


I mentioned how much we enjoyed where we stayed here, and you can see a few pictures above. The bungalows with their large balconies and canopied beds were so fun; the whole experience felt like a low key, hidden resort stay. And for about $30 a night? What a steal! The only caveat is that this place is not right on the water. For families, I think this would be perfect, and I honestly wouldn’t mind coming back myself. But given the choice, we may shop around for a hotel with easier access to water next time. Either way, be sure to check this option out if you’re ever in Amed!

Anugerah Villas Boutique Resort


If we’d had more time, there are dozens of areas for snorkeling and diving around Amed. However, we were so pleased with our afternoon visiting the Japanese shipwreck. It’s a beautiful drive to the beach, and once you arrive it is incredibly cheap to park your bike and rent your snorkel gear. The wreck is right off the shore, but even if you don’t spend much time looking at it, you have so many colorful fish and coral to enjoy as well.

I could not for the life of me find a better link to share, so I’ve just included a map so you can find the right beach!

Japanese shipwreck near Amed

  • Fresh watermelon juice? That sounds amazing. I think fresh fruit is one of the best things about vacationing somewhere tropical.

    • Absolutely agree! And I never would have thought of pressing watermelon, but it was delicious. A little more “grainy” if that makes sense, but still so refreshing.

  • kimberly oyler

    ummmm, this looks magical. i can never believe places like this are some people’s homes!

    • I know!! This really was one of our favorite “ideal paradise” spots. Something about that deserted beach vibe… love it.