Skiing and Snowboarding at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska

A new vlog! It’s been awhile since we’ve uploaded anything to our youtube channel, so we thought we’d record some of our latest adventure out skiing/snowboarding. As fun as it is to write posts and be able to go back and read them as memory-keepers, having video is even more entertaining. Every time we watched these clips during editing, we laughed at the same parts and made fun of [mostly my] several weird conversation quirks. I think these are going to be my favorite types of posts to return to in the future!

While watching this one, a few things to take note of:

– Snow conditions were awful!

– Tyler picked snowboarding back up pretty quickly but I skied like a little old lady. Not pictured: me self-destructing every time I picked up any speed at all.

– It was such an empty day out on the mountain since it was the middle of the week.. prime time to be learners since we had a lot of space to ourselves!

Ok… enjoy!

  • Yacouba

    It’s not a post until there’s at least one picture … preferably the one Tyler took of you sleeping. 🙂

  • Diane

    Cute video and well done. Thanks for posting it. Brought a smile to my face, and reconfirms my decision to dislike winter sports.