Sleep/Eat/Shop: Road Trip from Anchorage to Seattle

It took us just three and a half days to drive between these two cities. We had everything we owed– plus three adults!– in the car and trailer pictured above. It was a tight fit and long, long days of constant driving. Would we recommend a slower pace, allowing for leisurely sight-seeing? Yes. Yes, we would. Either way though, you have to stop and sleep, eat, and maybe even shop somewhere! Here are some of the bigger cities on the first half of our trip, and our top recommendations for places you should sleep, eat, and shop!


Anchorage, Alaska

sleep– our families always stay at this hotel// you definitely need a car to get around, but they do have a shuttle to downtown// there is a lake and dog park right behind the hotel to give you a taste of the great outdoors

eat– we have so many favorite restaurants in Anchorage!! but this is one where we always eat with visitors// it’s a little touristy but it’s a guaranteed good meal with Alaskan flair

shop– if you live here, we’d give different recommendations, but as a visitor this is the best souvenir shop// this place has it all, from the classic shot glass to really interesting books on pioneer Alaskans// the selection is great and the location downtown is convenient for any tourist


Whitehorse, Yukon

sleep– this is a little stretch, as it involves camping vs. a nice hotel bed, but nothing beats a hot springs after a day touring the town or a week driving up the Alcan// the sites are decent and the people friendly, but again, the hot springs are what seal the deal

eat– while the yelp reviews may be a star (and a half) less than perfect, we really enjoyed the interesting flavors here// lots of vegetarian options// both the food and atmosphere were fresh and unique

shop- as we are currently in a don’t-acquire-anything-new phase, we didn’t do much shopping here and can’t recommend a place, however there are tons of cute shops and lots of tourist options to pick from!


Seattle, Washington

sleep– we stayed at a friend of a friend’s house while we were in Seattle and we can’t recommend that route (a house rental) enough// in a city like Seattle it’s fun to get to know the neighborhoods and it really gives you a better view of the culture of the city// plus with great public transportation you really don’t have to worry about finding a hotel with a convenient shuttle service

eat– i told Tyler that the gyro sandwich we had here last summer was the best thing i’ve ever had in my life, and i still kind of feel that way// we went back this time and loved spending less than $8 on lunch again! // that said, there are so many other amazing places to eat in Seattle so you really have endless possibilities

shop– ok, this is ridiculously cliche, but even though we are normally allergic to anything overtly touristy, even we had to visit Pike Place// we enjoyed the people watching and fish slinging, and i even bought one small souvenir// this is definitely a place not to miss!

image anchorage/whitehorse/seattle

Alright, we’ve gotten you from Alaska to Washington! Next time, we’ll finish the second half of the trip and take you all the way across the country to Detroit, Michigan. Til next time!