Sleepy Saturday

Today’s another sleepy Saturday, perfect for simply relaxing at home and avoiding the drizzling rain that has been intermittently interrupting my sunshine. We’re back at our first ever house sit, and I’m absolutely loving it, even with the rain.

But today I want to reminisce on another quiet place in England where we stayed for a couple weeks this fall. We already shared photos of the park and cemetery, but today I’m posting a few photos of the other route we’d walk with our dog. She was so lively and loving, and could run for miles chasing a ball, so excited and pleased to retrieve it and return it to us.

Sleepy Saturday Sleepy Saturday Sleepy Saturday Sleepy Saturday

Even though we loved our cottage, with it’s old charm and cozy atmosphere, all three of us were excited to get out every day for a bit of fresh air. We went out rain or shine, but the sunny days were obviously our favorites.

Sleepy Saturday Sleepy Saturday

The colors this time of year were amazing. Wandering up to the top of the hill gave us a beautiful view of the fall foliage that surrounded us. And watching our puppy race through the fields brought even more joy.

Sleepy Saturday Sleepy Saturday Sleepy Saturday

We hope that you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend too! Sometimes snuggling up in a soft sweater and under a furry blanket is just the thing to do. But don’t forget to venture out at least once to stretch your legs, smell the fresh air, and appreciate the place you live.

What’s one thing you do to relax on a sleepy Saturday? Does a rainy weekend ruin your plans, or do you welcome it?