Snacks for Long Roadtrips

This is our Good Eats: Roadtrip Edition. We did some meal planning even for our trip! It was a much looser schedule, but since we were on a budget we wanted to think through things in advance. Haste and spontaneity are the enemies of budgets. (Sorry all you free birds out there… but you can always budget spontaneous splurges into the budget!)

I started brainstorming (and pinterest researching) early on, but was disappointed to see that all the resources I found online were geared towards one-day-long — at the most– road trips with kids. Not helpful when I was planning for two weeks of driving without the guarantee of refrigeration. So I came up with my own list of possibilities:

– crackers with cheese and salami
– bread with peanut butter/honey/nutella
– fresh fruit
– trail mix/popcorn/puppy chow
– granola bars

And then, after having that plan in place, I waited until the last minute to gather supplies. Thankfully,  we were super blessed our last weekend by Katrine (again) with a basket of goodies for the road. (Now, I love baskets. We have an overwhelming collection that I insisted on bringing with us, and getting an extra one at the last minute to bring along??? Loved it.) But also… the goodies. Those were pretty awesome too as they covered several of my items, plus some.


^^^ Above are pretzels, m&ms (peanut!!), and granola bars. And extra thoughtful treats– sweet tea for me and haribo gummi bears for Tyler. Also pictured are napkins, hand sanitizer, and the lists of Things to Photograph and Roadtrip Questions which we found to be a lot of fun over the days of driving.


^^^ Here is a close up of the homemade granola bars Katrine made. So so good. We ate them every morning during our second week of travel, when we were camping every night. This chocolatey protein punch was enough to get me out of the sleeping bag and on the road.


^^^ We took two gallon size bags of trail mix and puppy chow with us. The trail mix was a giant compilation of a bunch of things I wanted to use up in our kitchen cabinets, plus a little of those wonderful peanut m&ms. Katrine made the puppy chow with cabinet extras too, and as a bonus made it without kitchen utensils since they were already packed. (Whoops! That’s where planning ahead helps..)


^^^ I took so many photos of Pasqually with our trail mix that I had to include at least a couple in this post. He’s such a natural model… it was hard to pick just one.


^^^ Speaking of natural models 😉


^^^ We should have gotten a sponsorship from Trader Joes, the amount of their food we took along on our trip. The crackers, block of cheese, and hard salami were all from our favorite store. These all travel really well, and lasted our whole first week of travel. Also, that book underneath? It was our guidebook to driving to Alaska and while it certainly was indispensable for directions in Canada, it was also an excellent cutting board/table/plate.


^^^ Peanut butter and honey are awesome sandwich supplies that last in a car without chilling. We used these on the second week of driving. We made a second (and sadly last) stop at Trader Joes in Seattle and picked up fresh bananas to change things up a little. We also got strawberry jam– for a honey alternative– and fresh fruit– grapes, apples, and nectarines.

So, that’s all we ate! Just kidding… The first week, we were thankfully able to stay with people and got to have dinner and breakfast with them. We snacked in the car all afternoon as a kind of “lunch”. The second week was a similar lunch situation, but we would eat breakfast in the car each morning as soon as we got on the road. And we would eat out most evenings when we arrived to a town or campsite. We’ll be posting more budget details later this week so you can get an idea of how we did on food expenses.

Hope you’re having something yummy tonight 🙂 Bon appétit!



  • This is sweet! :-)))

    • Thanks Charlotte!

  • Ken and Cora Klay

    For a change, you could try tortillas and Laughing Cow Cheese. Tortillas last much longer than bread, when traveling, and the LCC does not need to be refridgerated, either. We travel with these quite often.

    • That’s a great idea! Thanks.. We’ll definitely try it!

  • I love your blog so much. 🙂 Post again!!! 🙂

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  • Yacouba

    Did you have any trouble getting the bananas into Canada? Or did you just smuggle?

    • They didn’t even look! They just asked where we were going, why, and if we had any weapons with us. Since neither of us are hunters, we were not carrying any guns or ammo. And we were probably some of the few who drive up there without them! haha