South Carolina Trip

We just returned from a road trip down South. It was so nice to be back “home”, and it was even better to spend time with my parents and some old friends.

The older I get, the more I miss being close to my family. However, Tyler and I know this is the time for us to travel the world. And besides, when people ask about our parents’ reactions to our travel plans, I often say that the wanderlust runs in my family so my parents have to accept the karma of their babies traveling afar in their young adult lives.

Despite all our downtime while there, we didn’t manage to come up with any great post ideas or photo spreads. But we did put together some fun video footage so you can pretend you were on the road trip with us! We’ve been practicing our videographer skills so we can record our journey over the next few years. Bear with us in these early attempts 🙂

Random facts:

1. We took Hobbes with us, and with sedatives or not, he cries for three hours and sleeps the next seven.

2. It rained for five hours and through three states on the way home.

3. We took a light rail train with my parents– and it was the highlight of the trip for Tyler!

4. I had the most Southern meal I could dream up- tomato pie, praline bacon, and shrimp po-boy- at Grits and Groceries with friends.