Crystal Palace Restaurant: Tamnag Thai

Tyler and I were just musing the other day that most of our previous vacations have been total foodcations. We’d follow our stomachs (or all the best online recommendations) and plan our whole trip around the top dining options. This year, we’ve been letting other attractions lead the way, but we still keep an eye out for good eats. When we were staying in south London last month, we were within walking distance from Crystal Palace, a neighborhood with plenty of delicious local spots. We checked them out on a walking tour trip to the grocery store and settled on Tamnag Thai when we felt the thai craving. We weren’t disappointed.

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^^^ As soon as we stepped in, I was delighted with the atmosphere. Bright umbrellas were perched upside down all along the ceiling, like clouds from some other more color saturated universe. The dark wood carvings and ornate gold mirrors stood out against the white walls, and the back room in which we were seated was lined on two sides with windows so there was plenty of light spilling in.

Tamnag Thai, Crystal Palace, UK on Tamnag Thai, Crystal Palace, UK on

^^^ After getting the menu, we realized that there was so much more to Tamnag Thai then the menu posted outside their door. To hold off the decision on an entrée, we decided to split an appetizer of mixed small plate specialties. It was quite simply named Tamnag Thai Platter (Serves Two) and came piled with satay, spring rolls, chili corn fritters, hot wings, prawn toast, and prawn tempura. Yum!! The sauces were a hit too. Love us some sauces.

Tamnag Thai, Crystal Palace, UK on Tamnag Thai, Crystal Palace, UK on

^^^ Of course, after that super large appetizer, we decided it would be no problem to stick to our regular money-saving, travel-enabling plan to split our entrée as well. We chose one of my favorites– Panang Curry. Just thinking and talking about all this thai food is making my mouth water… I love curries!! And this curry was no exception. So flavorful and absolutely enough to satisfy the both of us.

We try not to circle back around to the same place twice while we’re traveling; it helps encourage us to keep trying new restaurants. So we did not have a chance to return and have any other of the dishes at Tamnag Thai. However, when we return to London next month, you can bet I’ll be keeping this at the top of the list if we make it down to Crystal Palace again!

What are your rules for travel + food? (Anyone else do foodcations??) And do you have a favorite thai dish? 

  • Hey you commented!! 😉 Thanks.. It was delicious. We’ll have to have some good curries in London at Christmas. Can’t wait to see you! <3